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Boats loaded with rice, Mekong delta near Vinh Long.

Prows are traditionally painted with fierce faces to scare away water demons.

Woman making rice paper (used for spring rolls and other Vietnamese delicacies) on a fire of burning rice husks.

Guides drop by frequently with tourists in tow, which probably explains why she is dressed for this work in an elegant dress and gold earrings.

Boy working at a pottery wheel at a privately owned pottery works near Can Tho. Most of the pots made here are destined for use in gardens in Germany.

Older boy tending a kiln at a pottery works near Can Tho.

The kilns burn rice husks, vast piles of which surround the factory.

Cai Rang floating market, near Can Tho, Mekong delta.

Each morning producers of various agricultural products come by boat to this spot.

Sellers tie an example of what they are selling to a tall pole to let buyers know where they are.

Cai Rang floating market.

Shopkeepers and consumers come in boats to make purchases from the larger boats of the wholesalers.

Cai Rang floating market.

Each morning every conceivable agricultural product is exchanged between boats here. Among other things I saw a huge sow weighing down a boat not much bigger than she was.

Baskets full of ducklings for sale in a market in Vinh Long, a provincial capital in the Mekong delta.

Basket of hatching ducklings.
Woman selling tamarind juice in a plastic bag in a land market in Vinh Long.
Woman selling betel, lime and leaves at a market in Vinh Long, a district capital in the Mekong delta.

Looking from my hotel window toward a statue of Ho Chi Minh in a riverside park in Can Tho, largest city in the Mekong delta.

Guidebooks point out the close remeblance between this statue and the Tin Woodsman of Oz.

Tra Vinh      Ngoc Bien     Binh Ha Phoc    Mekong    Cu Chi & Cao Dai

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