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Window of a building housing pilgrims visiting the complex of temples at Pashupatinath, in Kathmandu, near the entrance to the Gujeshwari temple. Monkeys can be seen everywhere in the protected temple grounds.


A sadhu, itinerant devotee of Shiva, with trident and hand drum.

This one sat endlessly twitching his drum beside a staircase between the Gujeshwari temple and the main Pashupatinath complex, accepting donations from and giving his blessing to passing pilgrims, like this boy.


A couple bathing in the frigid water of the Bagmati river, a tributary of the Ganges, at Pashupatinath. The holiest site for Hindus in Nepal, it is where the ailing devout come to die and be cremated.

One need not be a Hindu to feel the deep spiritual resonance of this place.


Corner carving of a griffin, one of innumerable carvings on the walls and temples in the Pashupatinath area.

Paramahamsa Ram Krishna Das, the "Milk Baba."

A Hindu ascetic who lives in a one-room cell in the Pashupatinath complex, he has eaten nothing but milk (supplemented with One-A-Day vitamins and tea) for many years.

Milk Baba lives from donations from passing pilgrims. These donations have enabled him to travel extensively around the world, documented in photograph collections he will share with visitors.
Carvings on a roof support in one of the temples of Pashupatinath, in Kathmandu.

The erotic bits have been painted silver, presumably for the convenience of camera-toting tourists. The larger spiritual context intended by the carvers is suggested here by the menacing skeletal figure to the left.
Vendor of colored powders, to be used in religious offerings, near Pashupatinath.
Flute sellers on the outskirts of Pashupatinath.

It was walking past this spot in 1985, after visiting as much of the temple complex as non-Hindus are allowed to see, that I had a spiritual experience that changed my life.

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Raj and Friends      Pashupatinath      Patan & Nagarjun      Bakhtipur      Kathmandu

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